"Everything must be exposed to the sensors, those to be seen - to the eyes, those to be heard – to the ears, those to be smelled – to the nose, those to be tasted – to the tasting buds, those to be touched – to the hands. And those that could be sensed in a verity of ways, must be sensed by a verity of sensors."  
        - Comenius -  
      (Jan Amos Komensky, 1592-1670)  
  What is Logo? The origin is an ancient Greek word. “Logos” molds the sensed phenomenon into rules that govern the world.  
  The Logo programming language Designed for children with which they can formulate the sensed rules via logical entities.  
  Comenius Logo Designed by Andrej Blaho, Ivan Kalas, and Peter Tomcsányi at the University of Comenius in Bratislava. This version of Logo allows a lot of senses to take part in the investigation and modelling of phenomenon. It has been adapted to several language environments (English, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, German, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish) each of which allows the use of commands in the mother tongue as well as in English.  
  SuperLogo The English language version, which is published by Longman Logotron.  
  Comenius Logo pages The pages found here are primarily designed for children, their parents and teachers. We are constantly developing the pages to offer interesting, creative environments for learning.
aim is to establish constructive ties between designers of programs, problems, games and those using them.
intend to motivate the switch of these roles alternatively via these pages both on a national as well as an international scale letting the construction of individual programs be a collective effort with multicultural input.